A Relaxing Day At Nightshift Brewing Company

Well this is a nice treat! It's winter here in Boston so all the breweries have their winter ale's out. I think it just means more calories.

We found this cute brewery in Everett with a huge patio out front and dogs are allowed inside the patio area. Not inside the tap room though, I guess they have cleanliness standards or something like that. I don't know what that means because I live with a teenager whose room could be considered a bio-hazardous threat and nothing phases me anymore. You could have mold growing on the taps and I would be okay with that.

What I like about these craft breweries is the BYOF a lot of them have. Bring your own food. You could drive thru Kelly's Roast Beef, grab a sandwich and fries and wash it down with a beer flight which is exactly what I did.

JB and I went to visit his brother in the hospital and needed a pick-me-up afterwards. Shit it's depressing in the oncology wing. Dave has been fighting cancer for the past 10 years or so but the last few months gave been especially hard. 


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